Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: “The Classics” Event Kicks Off Today

The so-called “The Classics” event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will kick off today, January 3rd, 2019, and would feature classic characters from the popular franchises of Nintendo, and not only limited to them. More specifically, the Spirit Board event for this week, “The Classics,” would come with the old-school video game characters.

Starting from today, January 3rd, and throughout the weekend, characters such as the Balloon Fighter and Donkey Kong Jr., from the NES, Famicom, and the Famicom Disk System, would come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during the so-called “The Classics” event.

The gamers will also have the opportunity to “get a handful of Legend-class Spirits during the event, including Donkey Kong & Lady, Sukapon, and the NES incarnation of Link,” as reported by GameSpot.

Additionally, beating classic characters during “The Classics” event will give players even more Snacks than usually, which they can use to level up their Spirits.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: “The Classics” Event Kicks Off Today

“The Classics” event would commence on January 3rd at 10 PM Pacific Time (PT) or 1 AM Eastern Time (ET), and would boast, as we’ve already explained you above, a whole bunch of classic characters from renowned old-school video games such as those from the NES, Famicom, and the Famicom Disk System platforms.

The new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event, “The Classics,” comes right after the Mario Time event which came out with characters from the Mario series and a Mario-themed Spirits, the so-called Super Mario Party Spirits: Dice Block, River Survival, and Golden Dash Mushroom.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most popular games at the moment. It rolled out on December 7th, 2018, and it quickly became a massive success for Nintendo, setting new sales records for the series. According to GameSpot, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the top 10 best games of 2018.

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