The Mad Box Will Be “The Most Powerful Console Ever Built” – Writes Slightly Mad Studios CEO

The studio behind the famous Project Cars franchise, Slightly Mad Studios, just announced that they are working on a console of their own which will be called the Mad Box. And looking at what they’re planning to achieve, it will surely be a mad “box.” The studio’s CEO Ian Bell stated on Twitter that their console will be “the most powerful console ever built” and stated via e-mail to Variety that he can compare it to a “very fast PC 2 years from now”.

120 FPS in VR

In a tweet, he mentioned support for 4K and “VR at 60FPS” – but then he confirmed that the console will be able to run VR games at double the FPS and that the great thing about it will be that it will be compatible with many VR headsets.

Slightly Mad Studios will also offer developers a full development engine for free to give them the possibility to create games for the console.

At the moment, the company has just begun talking with manufacturers and investors, but Ian Bell stated that the console will be globally released in about three years. Considering this is a fresh announcement and the work on the console hasn’t begun, we don’t have info on specs, design or games that will be on the Mad Box. Bell did tease that the public will see images of the console in the next weeks.

Even though it all sounds exciting, we should also remember that Slightly Mad Studios have made some bold announcements with their Project Cars titles in the past. Adding this fact to the one that many other companies have messed up console releases, we should take this announcement with more than a grain of salt – considering that anything can happen in the next three years until and if the Mad Box gets released.

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