League of Legends Teases New Champion That Wants to Destroy Demacia

Finally, a new exciting plot twist in Riot Games’ League of Legends. They teased the next champion that will join the game in four images which show us several hints about Demacia’s future. Last time this champion was hinted was back in August!

The images below show up the Demacian champions Lux, Garen and Jarvan IV. Although the teaser is a bit cryptic, there is a recurring theme in all of the photos.

Let’s decipher them together!

Who Is the Next League of Legends Champion?

The first champion featured is Lux who is chained. The second image shows a chained figure that sits on the throne and holds his crown in one hand – and in the foreground, you can see Jarvan’s ultimate. In the third image you can see Quinn falling from the sky, also chained, and in the last photo, you get to see Garen who is casting his ultimate Demacian Justice, on someone we don’t know yet.

After these four images were posted on the Universe League of Legends website, the Brazilian account also revealed the last picture, which is a wide shot of the throne room. It looks as if it was wrecked after a battle, and on its Twitter page it had the caption “that’s how you divide a kingdom.”

What will this champion do or what it will be its abilities is still a mystery, but we think it might have a lot of crowd control – by looking at the chains. Also, the chains could be made through magic, so could it be a mage?

We’ll soon find out, and we cannot wait to learn more about the story behind it. Will Demacia be in ruins and will Noxus raise to power? We hope that Riot releases a date for the champion and maybe we get it with patch 9.2, which should be here in a few weeks.

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