Did We Just See an Alien Isolation Sequel Teaser?

When Alien Isolation launched in 2014, it didn’t get critically acclaimed, but Alien fans loved it. The survival horror game could have a sequel if we’re to speculate on the teaser released by the official Alien Twitter account. We’ve added below a screenshot of the small video that has excited fans all over the world.

In the video you can see Amanda Ripley’s uniform, the scene appearing to be a VHS recording that is somewhat damaged. Amanda was the main character in Alien Isolation.

The post on Twitter was also accompanied by the caption: “Daughter. Rebel. Hero. Her story deserves to be told…”

“Who is Amanda Ripley?”

The video also asks a question – “Who is Amanda Ripley,” ending with the words “Read, Play, Watch.”

Considering that Alien Isolation ended on a cliffhanger, this teaser maybe hints at a sequel where Amanda could be rescued in space.

Some fans believe it’s a teaser for a sequel, but others believe it can also be an Alien Comic Book that continues her story. It would make sense if we’re to look at the words ‘read’ and ‘watch’, but ‘play’?

The word ‘play’ at the end of the video how can we play a comic or a novel sequel to Alien Isolation?

There is also another possibility – what if the teaser is actually for Alien Blackout? We did wait to see it being revealed at the Game Awards 2018, but that didn’t happen.

Alien Blackout got teased in a Tweet from Geoff Keighley in which he posted the logo of the fictional corporation Weyland Yutani Corporation – from the Alien universe.

Unfortunately for the Alien Isolation fans, Alien Blackout will not be as they expect. It will be an online multiplayer game, which might not continue Amanda’s story as we have all been waiting for.

Until we hear more about the possible Alien Isolation sequel, you can replay it on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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