Niantic to Make $190 Million Before Releasing New Harry Potter Game

Niantic, which is the video game company that made Pokemon Go has raised about  $190 million as it waits up for the release of a new game in the Harry Potter universe.

The firm from San Francisco has stated in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it wanted to raise the funding on the 12th of December, just shortly after some reports have said that it was a work in progress for a fresh round of capital.

The investors were not shown in the filing, but the document showed 26 investors that had participated in the funding. According to some sources, the round was supposed to be led by late-stage focused venture capital IVP, and Samsung and aXiomatic Gaming were supposed to take part, too. The source also stated that Niantic was supposed to come with $3.9 billion.

Pokemon Go was released in July 2016, and it shortly becomes very popular – it’s the most famous game out there at the moment. You’re supposed to walk around and catch pokemon from the video game series with the same name.

How much money we’re talking about?

A report has shown that the game raked in nearly $800 million in revenue last year, and that’s a 35% increase from what we had in 2018. We’ve heard that players had spent about $2.2 billion on Pokemon Go since day one.

As of late, Niantic works at a new game that’s set in the Harry Potter universe: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It will be an AR game, just like their most famous game, and you’re going to learn spells and go and find magical beasts in your neighborhoods. The game is supposed to be released in 2019, but we don’t have anything official yet.


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