The Mad Box To Become the “Most Powerful Console Ever Built”

Earlier this week we have mentioned that the Slightly Mad Studios founder and CEO Ian Bell was taking to Twitter and announcing a new console made by the company. They’re calling it the Mad Box, and by the way he described it, it sounds awesome and probably expensive.

In his Twitter posts, he explained that it will be the “most powerful console ever built.” He said that the Mad Box would be a console that plays virtual games at 120 FPS and 90 fps per eye, that will play games in 4K and support various VR headsets.

“Competition is Healthy”

While we all wondered how the console would look like, on Friday, Bell revealed the design on Twitter, posting this image of a tower that looks like a gaming PC. It has the iconic M shape, and yes, the design is loud, but will surely be toned down before it gets released. The console will also be smaller than it looks and it will come with a switch that deploys a handle to easily carry the box with you.

Bell didn’t say when the console will be available, but he is sure that they won’t need crowdfunding:

We have multiple investors already offering the required funding for us to see the product to completion.

According to his statements in an interview with Variety, the Mad Box will not have exclusive titles. It will have a platform open for everyone and a full and free engine for developers to make games.

Among his Twitter posts, the most recent states the following:

All independent developers on Earth will be handed a cross-platform, ‘almost one click export’ engine to allow them to deploy their games on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Mad Box. Porting time will be minimal for those that have their own engine. The engine will be totally free.

Bell told Variety that Slightly Mad Studios believes “competition is healthy and we have the required hardware contacts to be able to bring something epic to fruition based on our designs.”

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