Pokemon Go January Field Research: What Rewards Should We Expect from the Company?

The New Year is here and Niantic has already revealed the Pokemon GO January Field Research event. It’s been said to come with many amazing rewards. So what’s new in this event? We have all the answers that you need to improve your overall game experience.

How to get a Field Research Quest and what rewards are there?

When you do a Spin in PokeStops, you get Field Research. And with every spin you do in PokeStops, you are given a Field Research Quest that usually changes every day. Every time you complete one Field Research Quest, you’ll get random Pokemon encounters, Pokeballs or simply Berries.

What’s a breakthrough?

You probably know this, but a breakthrough is that collection of Seven different challenges that get unlocked when you complete them with success. And when you complete seven field research, you unlock a breakthrough. If you use them, you have the opportunity to catch an amazing Pokemon. Sometimes, you might get a Rare or a Legendary Pokemon, so you might want to just play the game for that.

There’s no official statement

But we have no official statement from Niantic about which Pokemon you can get in the Field Research yet. However, from a series of Tweets that recently took place, we know from the company that you can get Lugia and Ho-Oh!

What other Pokemon are there?

We’re also expecting to see Entei, Raikou, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and Suicune in this event. It has been happening since the 1st of January 2019, so you might as well just go and play the game to get the Pokemon you want, be it rare or legendary, if you’re lucky enough.




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