Sims 5 – Which Are the Best Rumors on the Internet

We’ve seen many famous game franchises, but, if we are to be honest, how many can actually compare to Sims? This game series has been played by a lot of people – millions, and all over the world in the last ten years. They’ve worked on details ever since they started creating the Sims universe, and this is why we all love spending hours building our houses. It’s that house we’ve always wanted in real life, but we cannot get it, because everything’s so expensive. But we can in the game, so it’s something.

The Sims  5 is the most wanted game in 2019. The team behind the game doesn’t want any leaks to meet the light of the day, so we don’t know much yet. But the community has come with many rumors, and we have the best ones here.

A new world

This is the most popular one so far – The Sims 5 will come with a new world. A new city which we’ve never seen before in the game, where you can get a lot of new customization options regarding the Sim’s hobbies.

New jobs

Remember when we first thought that it was so cool for our Sim to get a job? That still happens, and the team behind the game wants to add even more jobs than before.

When is it going to be released?

This is the question everyone wants to be answered. When will The Sims 5 be released? As said before, we don’t know much, so we need to wait for an official statement with an official date. But if we are to look at rumors, the launch date would be somewhere in 2020. But again, it’s just speculation we’re talking about.


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