How to Become a Candy Crush Friends Saga Master – 3 Easy Tips

Start From the Bottom

Before getting hyped on how good you are at this game, you should keep going for the matches that are more close to the screen’s bottom first. This way you will be sure that the game board is significantly impacted by your matches and it will move other candies into different positions and bring essential elements closer to the bottom, cookies for example.

Limited moves are easy to detect and when that is their level the closer the match is to the top, the better you can make it.

This is the best strategy if you want to move the obstacles out of your way. The bottom of the screen is usually full of congregated blockers, so it is more effective to attach them directly than to begin from the top.

Eliminate Blockers First

Over the course of the game many obstacles will try to stop you from winning, so try to take them first. You would better use your moves here than when you are blocked off somewhere else. Eliminating blockers also makes it easier for you to drop elements to the bottom of the screen.

Understand Your Character

You can choose from a wide range of characters in this game but do not forget that they have active roles in your quest. When you take on a level, Odus, Tiffi, Mr.Yeti or another character will come along with you and the way you play will get changed by their specific abilities. If you want to be one of the best at this game, you would better take notes on the greatest way to use their powers, what each character offers you and which candy color they prefer.

To make you more familiar to the topic, we will provide with an example. Tiffi is your character, so this means that by matching red candies you can add jellyfish to the game board. That goes on with each and every character. Everyone is different and will have you conquer a certain level.

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