Clash Royale Balance Update Live: The New Meta

Considering that Clash Royale team buffed and nerfed various cards, you will have to rethink your strategy. Maybe you’re not winning as much as the balance update went live, and it’s understandable since there might not be the same synergy as it previously was.

Here is a summary of what got changed – the detailed change can be found here.

The buffs are:

Heal which is now just 1 elixir. Sparky’s range is bigger – 5%! Goblin Giant has more hit points, and the spear goblins’ range has increased. Magic Archer’s first attack is faster.

The Nerfs are:

Barbarian Hut HP is -7%. Battle Ram has a -11% charge damage. Barbarian Barrel will deploy slower. Freeze does -65% damage to towers.

What tactics should you use and what decks work now with these changes?

We followed Clash Royale’s advice on Twitter and looked for some insight from one of the best deck builders: – where Czech player ‘pavelfi’ uploads valuable tips and tricks, and top decks that are used by top players in challenges and ladder.

For example, among his deck builds, he explains that the best decks must contain several cards that work together and that can counter what your enemy throws at you.

You will need some cards for Defensive, Offensive, and something to fight Swarms or use as Bait.

Decks For the New Meta in Clash Royale

Here are his 13 new decks that work with the last balance changes:

RHogs MA Valk Control, GobGiant Sparky Bait, Golem Heal Beatdown, GY Freeze Cycle, Miner Prince Mortar, Hog Heal Freeze Cycle, Heal 3M Cycle, PEKKA Bridge Spam, Hog Freeze Cycle, LogBait Freeze RamRider, ValkBalloon Freeze ID, X-Bow 2.9 cycle, and Lavaloon ID Fireball.

For example, the first deck – RHogs MA Valk Control contains these cards: Barbarian Barrel, Mega Minion, Magic Archer, Rascals, Poison, Royal hogs, Tombstone, and Valyrie.

For the defensive, you will need at least two anti-air units, at least one defensive building, and play some defense in the back to force the enemy to make the first move.

Offensive needs at least a card that easily takes out enemy towers – the Royal hogs card will work. You need at least a damage spell. Also make sure you have some response cards to immediately counter the opponent. Drop at the bridge for a chip damage or a rush attack with cards like Rascals, Royal hogs or Barbarian Barrel.

Use bait cards to bait out a spell so you can play other cards.

Magic Archer and Poison are good against air swarms, and for ground swarms, you can use the Magic Archer, Poison and Valyrie.

Go check out the rest of his decks, or leave us a comment with what kinds of decks you want us to feature next.

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