A YouTuber Made All the Bathrooms in the Sims Gender-Neutral, and Here’s What People Think About It

Kayla Sims has been making videos on YouTube about The Sims ever since 2015. It’s all about the content of the game, from instructional videos and how to, to simple gameplays. She last showed the newest update on her channel – gender-neutral bathrooms.

 It’s all in her new video

 In the new video, she shows how she renovated The Sims 4. she built new homes, and even changed those that were already there. She talks about how she wanted to make all the bathrooms gender neutral. She changed every single bathroom that was made for a specific gender, she made them all gender neutral. She even comes with different reasons, like when you have the walls cut away, you cannot see which one is for boys, and which one is for girls. And she finds this irritating, so she decided to change them all. She thinks she makes them all more accessible.

 In this video, she also talks about how there’s a lack of color options when it comes to the gender-neutral bathroom doors, if we are to compare them to the doors made for the two genders.

 What did people think about it?

 Many people were happy to see this idea, and some believe that this way, the game is easier to play. Many believe that gendered bathrooms should not be a real thing in real life, and that this thing is very annoying in Sims.

 She actually has apoint when she says that it’s difficult to play the game with the gendered bathrooms. We have all of these options when it comes to clothing, and we think that this whole situation with non-gendered bathrooms should’ve come in the game a very long time ago.

 In 2016, the game released an update that allowed players to create transgender Sims, change their attributes or clothes, and they even allowed more pregnancy options.


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