Science Shows Xbox Gamers Superior to PC and PS4 Players

If in the smartphone world, the fight is between iPhones and Android phones, in the gaming universe we have the PC master race and the consoles. The battle keeps on going, and will probably never finish, but now science shows that one of the combatants is superior over the others.

It seems that, even though it hurts the PC and PS4 gamers, the Xbox users are the winners in this competition, and here is why.

The Elite Reaction Test

LG has begun a test where its scientists tried to find out which gamers are quicker in their reactions. In a press release, the tech manufacturer stated that it partnered with Activision for the Elite Reaction Test in which over 1,400 gamers participated.

According to the scores in the test, PC gamers were at the bottom of the list, with an average reaction accuracy of 67.7%. Xbox players had an average accuracy of 77.1%.

The test had players click on targets which changed their color from green to red as fast as possible to get a good score. Here are some pieces of the report:

Overall reaction scores produced from the test show console gamers to have the best reactions, or ‘twitchiness’, with Xbox gamers having an average reaction score of 79.7 and PlayStation gamers with 71.9. PC gamers had the lowest average reaction score, with 62.2. In terms of number of targets hit, Xbox gamers led the way with 78% of clicks on target. PlayStation gamers hit 74%, whilst PC gamers hit just 70% of the time.

PC gamers hit fewer targets, but they were faster in reactions, hitting 1 in 5 targets (18%) while they were green. Xbox players only hit 9% of the targets when they were green. So, while PC gamers had the lowest accuracy, they were faster in reaction:

While PC gamers are perhaps traditionally seen as more ‘twitchy’, the LG Elite Reaction Test turned this on its head, as from nearly 2000 people we’ve seen that console gamers managed to hit more targets than PC gamers. However, delving a little deeper and it’s not all bad news for PC gaming aficionados.

It seems that even though PC gamers are not good at accuracy performance, they were twice as fast as the Xbox players.

In conclusion, Xbox gamers are the best but do not have the same fast reaction as PC gamers. Who wins?

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