Fortnite Might Get a New Looting System From Epic Games, Thanks To A Gamer’s Suggestion

On the Fortnite BR subreddit, a fan posted an interesting suggestion regarding a new looting system in the game. Even more interesting, Epic Games appreciated the scheme presented by the gamer, and the devs promised to investigate it. Eventually, we might indeed witness the implementation of a new looting system in Fortnite.

Each Fortnite gamer only possesses five inventory slots they can fill with weapons, items, and so on. But when a player picks up a new gun, it is immediately put in the first empty inventory slot. Many gamers would like to have one type of weapon in the first slot, another kind of gun in the second, and so on.

At this moment, users have to arrange the inventory items as they want, manually. Now, Sasseries, a Reddit user on the Fortnite BR subreddit, suggested a new looting system, and Epic Games is investigating the solution.

Fortnite Might Get a New Looting System From Epic Games, Thanks To A Gamer’s Suggestion

As suggested by Sasseries, Epic Game should rethink the looting system in Fortnite. Sasseries imagined a new looting system in which the gamers can directly swap with a weapon they are holding or a weapon on the ground.

Eric Williamson from Epic Games appreciated the suggestion and said on the same Fortnite BR subreddit that the games studio is investigating the solutions which might be implemented in Fortnite, eventually, if it’s indeed handy.

Even though Epic Games is frequently updating Fortnite with a lot of new content and improvements, the looting system in Fortnite has remained unchanged since 2017. Therefore, the suggestion of a new looting system made by Sasseries on Reddit is exciting news for the game’s fans.

In the end, we don’t know if Epic Games would indeed implement the new looting system in Fortnite, but that will be a nice thing to see in the game.

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