How Important Is Ivalice to the Final Fantasy Game Series?

For Final Fantasy XIV‘s Stormblood, we got the title “Return to Ivalice”, which took up so some really nice locations from the previous Final Fantasy games.

Are the stories linked, because they’re all set in Ivalice?

It’s true, Ivalice is a fictional country in the game series, and that’s where many of the games actually take place (like 3 – Final Fantasy Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII). If we are to take a look at the nature of the game series, we see the inclusion of the Royal City Rabanastre, the Orbonne Monastery and the Ridorana Lighthouse, but are the stories really linked? The answer is no.

What do we want for the games?

This game series would be amazing to get transportable characters, different items and places at all times. Every game had an Ultima as an end-game boss, and many of them come with Omega and Shinryuu, players fighting against an evil figure and crystals that are a repeating trope.

Are they really connected?

It’s not unusual that the game series is placed in the same world, but it’s a bit weird for them to be connected. If we are to look at the Ivalice trilogy and Final Fantasy XIV, things are a bit different. Before the the Alliance Raid quest series in the second expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, the place Ivalice was not even on the map.

You might think that Ivalice was simply a homage given to older Final Fantasy titles – we’ve seen it before, but without the Zodiac Brave story. In Stormblood, we find out that the Zodiac Brave Story is a separate and fictional story, that has some of the heroes from Ivalice.





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