Fortnite Season 8 Announced By A Mysterious Orb That Appeared In The Game

While we are only a few weeks far from the end of Season 7, there’s already something puzzling happening in Fortnite. A mysterious orb appeared in the game, and it seems like Epic Games is already setting the stage for the deployment of the Fortnite Season 8.

The strange orb looks like a massive icy ball that’s floating above the castle in Polar Peak, the mountain added to Fortnite along with the other features of the Season 7. Even though at the moment the sphere is doing nothing but hovering the Polar Peak area, its sudden appearance reminded gamers of the last summer’s purple cube that eventually led to the start of Season 6.

However, the mysterious orb is not the only thing that popped up in Fortnite. Also, the players managed to destroy the iceberg near Happy Hamlet and reveal an underground bunker. It’s still not clear where it leads and to what purpose it serves.

Fortnite Season 8 Announced By A Mysterious Orb That Appeared In The Game

Besides the mysterious orb and the underground bunker, some Fortnite gamers also noticed some strange eggs locked inside the walls of the prison cells underneath the castle in Polar Peak region. Nobody knows what’s their purpose there, but some players are thinking that the appearance of these objects in the game is announcing the coming of the Fortnite Season 8.

If we take a look back, at the end of each season, Epic Games added some strange items to Fortnite to announce the ending of a season and the beginning of a new one. That might also be the case now, as a mysterious orb, an underground bunker, and some big eggs locked in the walls of the prison cells beneath the Polar Peak’s castle suddenly emerged in the game.

Until Fortnite Season 8 rolls out, Epic Games launched Fortnite 7.20 update which brought back the glider and introduced a new gun, the Scoped Revolver.

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