Brawl Stars Grossed More Than $63 Million In The First Month For Supercell

The developer behind Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, two viral and top-rated mobile games, Supercell, released another successful title – Brawl Stars. Despite that Brawl Stars became very popular within days after its rollout on Android and iOS, a recent report released by SensorTower revealed that Brawl Stars grossed more than $63 million in the first month.

Supercell is probably the best studio at creating very profitable mobile games. With Clash of Clans and Clash Royale grossing more than $1.4 billion in 2018 alone, we couldn’t imagine that another Supercell title might achieve such a feat. However, since Brawl Stars made over $63 million in its first month on the market, we now believe that 2019 would be another excellent year for the Finnish games studio.

Brawl Stars had not promised much when Supercell released it as a Beta across Canada. But Supercell acknowledged all the issues the testers reported, plus what the players would’ve wanted to see in the game.

Brawl Stars Grossed More Than $63 Million In the First Month For Supercell

After Supercell implemented new changes in the initial versions of Brawl Stars, the game began to shape as another hit from the Finnish games studio. The final version of Brawl Stars rolled out in December 2018, and it quickly became the most popular game of the end of the year. It continued in the same line in 2019.

Now, according to a recent report from SensorTower, we learn that Brawl Stars is not only a viral game, but it’s also a very profitable title for Supercell. Brawl Stars grossed more thanĀ $63 million in its first month on iOS and Android.

Even though that is a considerable figure, it is by two times lower than the sum grossed by Clash Royale in its first month after launch, $136 million. However, Clash Royale came out as a spinoff of Clash of Clans and benefited fromĀ that name recognition.

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