Fortnite Vulnerability Left 80 Million Player Accounts Exposed

Between the many reports and articles about the great success of Fortnite, the most popular Battle Royale title at the moment, there are a few, coming from time to time, that debate Fortnite bugs and glitches which, even though they are not numerous, are severe when they pop up. The most recent Fortnite vulnerability left about 80 million player accounts exposed and might have also revealed millions of credit card data.

Earlier, the IT data analysis firm SuperData reported that Fortnite grossed $2.4 billion in 2018, surpassing many of the other top-rated games. And keeping in mind that Fortnite is a free-to-play title, that figure is impressive since the game totaled that revenue only from in-app purchases.

Yesterday, however, the IT security firm Check Point reported that a Fortnite vulnerability within the login system could permit cyber attackers to access a user’s account credentials. Indeed, that glitch would have exposed about 80 million player accounts and millions of credit card data.

Fortnite Vulnerability Left 80 Million Player Accounts Exposed

“To fall victim to this attack, a player needs only to click on a crafted phishing link coming from an Epic Games domain, to make everything seem transparent, though sent by the attacker. Once clicked, the user’s Fortnite authentication token could be captured by the attacker without the user entering any login credentials,” Check Point’s specialists said.

“Fortnite is one of the most popular games played mainly by kids. These flaws provided the ability for a massive invasion of privacyThese platforms are being increasingly targeted by hackers because of the huge amounts of sensitive customer data they hold. Enforcing two-factor authentication could mitigate this account takeover vulnerability,” added Oded Vanunu, head of product vulnerability research at Check Point.

At the moment, there is no proof that hackers have exploited this severe Fortnite vulnerability. However, Epic Games addressed the security flaw and added that they “encourage players to protect their accounts by not re-using passwords and using strong passwords, and not sharing account information with others.”

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