Fortnite Might Vault The “Quad Launcher” and Other In-Game Items, Reportedly

According to recent reports, Epic Games plans some significant changes in Fortnite during this week. Among them, would be the vaulting of the “Quad Launcher” and other in-game items. While the games studio did not reveal the full list of the objects that it will remove from the game, Fortnite: Battle Royale‘s design lead Eric Williamson announced on his Twitter page that Fortnite might vault the Quad Launcher.

Besides vaulting items, Epic Games would also bring some changes to mobility and shields. “Coming this week: small tweaks to shield availability, a reduction of mobility (item & vehicle spawn chance), and a few more vaults… including Quad Launcher,” said Eric Williamson on Twitter.

Vaulting the Quad Launcher might make some players happy since many controversies are surrounding this weapon in Fortnite. Epic would vault it, however, as the Infinity Blade before it.

Fortnite Might Vault The “Quad Launcher” and Other In-Game Items

Since the Quad Launcher came in Fortnite, users have complained about it, some saying that it was too powerful. The weapon has four rockets, and gamers can launch them one after the other, rapidly. The Quad Launcher can destroy buildings and eliminate a player with only two hits.

Using the Quad Launcher is reducing player’s chances of surviving and destroys the hiding places. At least that’s what users have been complaining about many times since the weapon rolled out in Fortnite. It seems that Epic Games acknowledged about these issues and decided to vault the Quad Launcher.

Besides the Quad Launcher, according to Eric Williamson, Epic Games would also vault other in-game items, but the lead designer of Fortnite did not reveal which objects would be eliminated. However, he admitted that later this week Epic Games would add some small tweaks to mobility and shield availability in Fortnite, the most popular and appreciated Battle Royale game, at the moment.

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