Overwatch Year of the Pig Event: Skins Revealed for Brigitte, Torbjorn, and Zenyatta

Who isn’t hyped about a new event in games? Blizzard knows how to amp up their fans by revealing some sneak peeks of the skins that will be introduced. The latest skins that have been teased are for Brigitte, Torbjorn, and Zenyatta.

The Year of The Pig event will officially start on 24 January and players will be able to enjoy it until 18 February. As any Overwatch player knows, the event will not just feature new skins for the heroes but also spray, emotes and a lot more than that.

Let’s check out the skins posted on the Overwatch Twitter page with the following captions.

Overwatch Year of the Pig: Torbjorn

Let’s hear those guns!

Protect the flag with your trusty turret as ZHANG FEI TORBJÖRN!

Zhang Fei Torbjorn has now dyed his hair black and looks a lot younger!

Moreover, the description in Twitter says that you must “Protect the flag,” so we might see a Capture the Flag twist of the previous Lunar New Year event.

Overwatch Year of the Pig: Zenyatta

Experience festivity.

Embrace the Year of the Pig as ZHUGE LIANG ZENYATTA!

Overwatch Year of the Pig: Brigitte

Brigitte hasn’t been officially revealed by Overwatch, but somebody did it anyway on Twitter. Here’s how she looks.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Legendary Skin – GENERAL BRIGITTE

What else will the event bring, or will it be similar to the one from last year?A couple of days ago, we saw the GUAN YU REINHARDT skin, so maybe today well get more details!

Let’s hope Blizzard comes with an exciting new mode or anything else to make it different from last year’s festivity. We will soon find out, considering the Year of the Pig event should begin tomorrow. Players will be able to enjoy the new content on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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