Brawl Stars Introduces Many Changes to Brawlers and Game Mods

Prepare for a huge update from the Brawl Stars team which will introduce many balance changes not just to brawlers, but also to game modes. According to the Brawls Stars official blog and Twitter page, here are the following changes.

Expect to see nerfs and buffs! Let’s begin with the brawler changes.

Brawler Balance Changes

We all love good news, so let’s start with the buffs and leave the nerfs at the bottom.

Nita had her Star Power Healing Increased to 500 (from 300),

Brock’s Star Power Damage per second from increased to 300 (from 240),

El Primo’s Star Power Damage increased to 800 (from 600),

Barley gets a massive buff – Star Power Healing increased to 300 (from 200), main attack damage per second increased to 640 (from 600), Super damage per second increased to 640 (from 480). Moreover, when you throw the Super close to Barley, his bottle’s spread is larger. The damage from Super’s different bottles will not stack,

Poco’s Star Power Healing increased to 500 (from 400),

Darryl gets two buffs – Star Power shield protection increased to 40% (from 30%), and gets an increase for the main attack damage per shell to 280 (from 260),

Tara also gets two buffs – Star Power Pet damage increased to 400 (from 200), Pet health increased from 2000 to 2400,

Mortis gets an increase in Main attack and Super damage from 800 to 900. His Star power will not leave a green skull, but when he defeats a Brawler he instantly gets 1800 health,

Frank gets the same treatment that Mortis got with the Star power – it will not leave a purple skull, but when he defeats a Brawler his damage is buffed by 40% for 10 seconds,

Rico’s Main attack damage increased to 300 (from 280),

Now the Nerfs:

Bo gets a decrease in Star Power visibility range from 6 tiles to 4 tiles, but his Main attack damage is buffed to 480 (from 420)

Leon is the most nerfed – his Super invisibility time is decreased to 8 seconds (from 10), and his main attack damage at close range is decreased from 500 to 460.

Game Mode Balance

All Modes – once destroyed, Green bushes will stay that way and no longer spawn 35 seconds later.

Brawl Ball – will have Brawlers spawn inside the Goal, there will be no more space behind the goal, and when you kick the ball with no Super, you’ll consume ammo.

Showdown – you will see no player names instead of ‘???’ when they have more than 300 Trophies matchmaking score. Poison will no longer instantly damage players when it grows or spawns.

Bounty – the length of this game mode has been reduced by 30s – it will now last 2 minutes.

Raid Boss – this mod will show when the next Boss rage stage is triggered, there is one more rage stage. Players will also know in-game which difficulty they are playing.

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