Tips for Beginners on How to Make Your Life Easier in Minecraft

Everyone has heard of Minecraft. Is one of the most popular games in the whole world. There’s a new player starting to play every day, and their road has just begun. So they’re now trying to learn the basics.

If you’re among the newbies, we’re here to give you some tips on how to make your life easier on this game.

Milk Mooshrooms

You’ll find in the game cows named Mooshrooms. They’re just like regular cows, which means that they can be milked, but don’t expect to get some milk from them. You will get instead mushroom stew, which will come in handy throughout the game. You’ll use them for your Hunger needs.

Replace coal with charcoal

You won’t get coal right away, and you’ll need to find a replacement because it’s crucial to have the resource. You can use charcoal instead. This is made of wood, and wood is easier to find.

Beds in nether are a no-go for you

When it comes to the normal dimension, beds are very useful, because they’re also checkpoints that come in handy in case you die. But if you find yourself in Nether, you need to stay away from sleeping, because it will make you explode.

Stack signs

If you want to make a big sign, you can do it simply by stacking multiple signs on the top of each other. It will make it look like it’s a long sign. It’s perfect if you have a message to share. It’s very useful if you want to create an adventure map, because you’ll be able to write all the instructions there.

Get a cat

Cats are ideal pets – in real life and in this game. They’re very useful in the game, because they keep the creepers away. So if you get a couple of cats around the house, you won’t get unpleasant visits from creepers.


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