Brawl Stars: New Update Comes with Buffs and Nerfs

We know so far that the next update for Brawl Stars is coming soon. They made an announcement on Twitter recently, but we know that the update will come with buffs and nerfs enough for all of you brawlers.

When it comes to buffs

For Nita, we’ll get +33.3% Star Power Healing, for Brock, we’ll get +25% Star Power Damage, for El Primo, we’ll get +33.3% Star Power Damage. For Barley, we’ll get -> +50% Star Power Healing, and not only – +6.7% Attack Damage, 12.5% Super Damage for every second, and Super Bottles’ range increased. For Poco, we’ll get +25% Star Power Healing, for Darryl, we’ll get +7.7% Attack Damage for each Shell and +10% Star Power Shield. For Tara, we’ll get +20% Shadow Tara Health and + 100% Shadow Tara Damage. For Ricochet, we’ll get +7.1% Main Attack. For Mortis, we’ll get Super Damage increased, +12.5 Main Attack, and the Green Skulls are out; they will be replaced with Instant 1800 Health from Star Power. For Frank, we’ll get the Purple Skulls out, and will be replaced by 40% increased Damage from Star Power – that for only 10 seconds.

When it comes to nerfs

We only have two brawlers that will get nerf. For Bo, we’ll get + 14% Attack Damage and – 33.3% Star Power Visibility. For Leon, we’ll get -18% Attack Damage and -20% Super Invisibility Line.

The game mode balances

If we take a look at the Brawl Stars blog, we see a lot of details about this next update and what changes it will bring. We found out more about balance, but we also want more goodies.

For example, Green Bushes will not grow back after 35 seconds. Also, if you’re a fan of the Bounty’ mode, you might want to know that the update will shorten the length of it: from 2:30 minutes to 2 minutes.


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