“Metro Exodus” Would Be A 1-Year-Exclusive Game On Epic Games Store

Metro Exodus would come out next month on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. However, those who would like to play the game have to buy the title from Epic Games Store, the new online store launched recently by Epic Games. Therefore, Metro Exodus would be a 1-year-exclusive game on Epic Games Store.

The game would become available on other digital storefronts such as Steam but only starting with February 2020. Accordingly, this one is another big move for the new Epic Games Store in its competition with Steam, the Valve’s popular online store for games.

“Publisher Deep Silver announced today that the upcoming game will be available exclusively through the Epic Games Store at launch and will be pulled from Steam. The announcement is a major win for the Epic Games Store, which has been attempting to poach titles from its biggest competitor since launching just over a month ago,” Engadget reported.

“Metro Exodus” Would Be A 1-Year-Exclusive Game On Epic Games Store

The announcement that Epic Games Store would have exclusivity over Metro Exodus sales for one year shocked the gamers since the game appeared as available for pre-ordering on Steam. However, it’s true – Epic Games Store will be the only digital store that would sell Metro Exodus.

Steam came out and announced that all the pre-orders would be honored, as usual, but the platform won’t sell Metro Exodus once it hits the market. Also, Steam called this move as “unfair” and apologized to its clients who were eagerly waiting for the game to launch on the popular platform.

However, “the game can be made available through Steam and other digital storefronts starting February 14th, 2020, a full year after the game’s initial release date,” reported Engadget. The news portal also added that Epic Games agreed with Ubisoft for Epic Games Store’s exclusivity over the Destiny 2 title and other upcoming game from Ubisoft.

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