Red Dead Redemption 3 – How long will you have to wait for it?

Whether Red Dead Redemption 2 will be as successful as Grand Theft Auto 5, only time will tell. However, the launch of this game was record-breaking. This game will achieve considerable success over the years if you look at the sign it shows, especially as post-launch content is being worked on by Rockstar. Because this game is already successful, Rockstar will have to plan the release of the next one somewhere in the future. For the second version of this game fans needed to wait eight years. Hopefully, that will not happen again.

How long will fans need to wait for Red Dead Redemption 3?

Almost a decade ago in 2010, the original Red Dead Redemption was released by Rockstar. It remains one of the highest-regarded games as in the past it won a variety of Game of the Year awards. With that being said, that is why its sequel has a high bar set. Aside from matching the standard, the second version actually exceeded it. The launch of Red Dead Redemption 2  was the second-largest in the history of all entertainment. In the first weekend after being released, people bought $725 million worth of units. During the Game Awards even it also won several awards.

The third entry in this series can’t be avoided by Rockstar as Red Dead Redemption 2’s launch was so successful. The only disadvantage would be that fans will need to wait quite a while for it. As before the sequel was released, Rockstar also launched Max Payne 3,  L.A. Noire, GTA 5, and L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, we might have to wait quite a period again as the company has more game sequels to offer. However, before Red Dead Redemption 3 will be released, they might launch Grand Theft Auto 6, so there is something to be excited about.

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