Final Fantasy 16 Release Date and Rumors

Currently, we have no official information from Square Enix, the owner and developer of the Final Fantasy series, about the next installment in the series, Final Fantasy 16. Final Fantasy is one of the most popular and appreciates video game franchises of all times, so the fans are already looking forward to the next title in the series, Final Fantasy 16. Here’s everything we know about the Final Fantasy 16 release date and rumors.

Final Fantasy 16 Rumors and Fans’ Wishlists

According to some rumors, Final Fantasy 16 would come out with improved open world experience and enhanced character. These rumors emerged because Final Fantasy 15 boasts an open world and some impressive in-game personages. Accordingly, since Final Fantasy 16 is the sequel, the gamers expect it to come out with better characters and an improved open world.

Also, some fans would love to see various enhancements in the combat system that Square Enix implemented in Final Fantasy 15. While Final Fantasy 15 boasts dynamic and real-time combats, the fans of the franchise would love Final Fantasy 16 to come with the same combat system but with new skills, more customization options, and the adjustings neede to make the battle scenes more dynamic and interactive.

Final Fantasy 16 Release Date

At the moment, Square Enix said nothing about Final Fantasy 16. We don’t even know if the game is under development now, so we can’t know when Final Fantasy 16 would come out. Also, Final Fantasy 16 release date might be postponed even more since Square Enix announced in 2018 its intentions to release more content for Final Fantasy 15.

In other news, Final Fantasy 15 would receive a new episode, Episode Ardyn Prologue, in February 2019, as Square Enix announced recently. And that means that Final Fantasy 15 is postponing the work, as well as the Final Fantasy 16 release date, as long as it’s getting new content from Square Enix.

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