Kingdom Hearts 3 Is The Most Anticipated Games Of All Times

Now, 17 years after the release of the first Kingdom Hearts title, the fans of the series are eagerly waiting to get their copies of the new Kingdom Hearts 3 game which launched on January 25th, 2019, across Japan. But, as the game rolls out steadily, globally, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the most anticipated games of all times, and here’s why.

The fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 since 2006 when Kingdom Hearts 2, the second primary game in the series, launched. In the meantime, many spinoffs and side titles in the franchise rolled out, but not the Kingdom Hearts 3, the third main installment in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Nonetheless, all those Kingdom Hearts spinoffs had their significance in the storyline of the franchise, revealing story critical points to the gamers and keep the fans glued to the Kingdom Hearts universe, even though all their thoughts were focusing on a Kingdom Hearts 3 release.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Is The Most Anticipated Game Of All Times

Also, back in the 2000s, in 2002, more specifically, Kingdom Hearts, the first installment in the series, rolled out. It was a very successful release for Square Enix. In fact, the Kingdom Hearts franchise is the second most successful one created by Square Enix after Final Fantasy series, undoubtedly.

The second installment was also very popular and highly appreciated by fans, so the fans were looking forward to other successful Kingdom Heart releases, including a Kingdom Hearts 3. However, the Kingdom Hearts 3 installment was late to come out, increasing the fans’ anticipation for it.

When a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer popped up during E3 2013, the fans expectations boosted. Since then, no less than 9,000 teasers have emerged on the Internet, but none of them revealed much about the game and its release date. However, the significant number of Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers made it the most anticipated game of all times, undoubtedly. Now, the game is out across Japan, and it should reach worldwide customers soon, too. It would be exciting to see if Kingdom Hearts 3 matches the expectations.

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