Batman: Arkham Crisis Is Already under Development, Reportedly

The franchise called Batman: Arkham has delivered the best superhero video game experiences ever, no matter we’re talking about Superman, Spiderman, or Batman. Rocksteady created the main series of Batman: Arkham franchise and some rumors came out with more details about the games studio and Batman: Arkham Crisis, the upcoming title in the series.

According to an article on Batman: Arkham Crisis on PlayStation Lifestyle, “Rocksteady Studios, the team behind the beloved Batman Arkham games, has been radio silent for quite some time now. Many were speculating that the studio might be working on a Superman game, but it seems like that theory was debunked. Recently, many rumors have surfaced that pointed to Rocksteady’s next game allegedly being in the Arkham universe, with the possible focus being on the Court of Owls. Now, another Batman rumor has appeared.”

“First and foremost, it’s important to note that everything revolving around this is a rumor and has not been confirmed. The supposed leaked information came from an alleged play-tester for the possible game and included a lot of specifics that might sound too good to be true. If true, the upcoming project has been in development for two years and is called Batman Arkham Crisis,” PlayStation Lifestyle added.

Batman: Arkham Crisis Is Already under Development, Reportedly

Now, some of the leaked details are sounding too good to be true, so we should take the new rumors with a grain of salt. The respective game tester claimed he already played Batman: Arkham Crisis, and according to him, we’ll receive the new game in the Arkham franchise in the autumn of 2019.

“Batman Arkham Crisis is reported to have a separate co-op mode with side missions to play through. Speaking of which, the depth of the side quests in the campaign mode have been reported to be improved and expanded upon, lasting longer than ones found in previous games,” as PlayStation Lifestyle reported.

“The upcoming game is intended to be announced in March, so if that’s the case, we only have a short wait to find out more information, if the rumors are true. Rocksteady Studios is no doubt working on something. Is it a new Arkham game featuring Court of Owls? We’ll have to wait and see,” PlayStation Lifestyle concluded in its article on Batman: Arkham Crisis.

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