Nintendo Switch Mini – Nintendo Is Working On A Smaller Switch Console, Reportedly

It’s not a novelty that Nintendo is planning to launch a new Nintendo Switch console. However, recent leaks indicate that the Japanese entertainment company plans on rolling out a so-called Nintendo Switch Mini variant. The rumors emerged via Nikkei, a renowned Japanese news portal, which reported that Nintendo is already working on the smaller Switch console.

“Nikkei revealed that Nintendo is making a smaller and cheaper model (nicknamed Nintendo Switch Mini) of the Nintendo Switch, scheduled to launch sometime in mid-2019. Nikkei says this information comes from suppliers and game development companies who were informed by Nintendo about the plans,” said NintendoSoup on this topic.

Nintendo Switch is still a very successful asset in Nintendo’s portfolio, but it seems that the company is planning to release an even more portable console, the so-called Nintendo Switch Mini which would be smaller and more straightforward to carry when gamers are traveling, for example.

Nintendo Switch Mini – Reportedly, Nintendo Is Working On A Smaller Switch Console

Nintendo sold 9.41 million Nintendo Switch units during the last few months of 2018, reaching a total of 32.27 million consoles sold since the Nintendo Switch came out in 2017. Even more, although some analysts predicted a slower Q1 2019 regarding the Nintendo Switch sales, the Japanese company is still doing good and sold above the expectations during the first month of 2019.

That’s why, maybe, Nintendo plans to expand the life cycle of the first-generation Nintendo Switch with a Nintendo Switch Mini, that before moving to the next-gen Nintendo Switch console which could come out as soon as 2020.

“Nintendo Switch Mini, which would be easier for gamers to transport, could be on the way by the middle of this year. According to the sources, Nintendo is hoping to expand its user base, presumably with a more affordable price tag. That would mean a trade-off of more limited functionality,” said the Nikkei report, cited by TrustedReviews.

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