MLB The Show 19 New Leaks – What We Know So Far?

If you are a fan of the MLB The Show, it means that you can hardly hold in your excitement for the 2019 edition to become available in stores nationwide. However, before your dreams come true, we decided that it would be best for you to know what is predicted of this game.

The YouTube video showing the game off

Not too much time ago a video was released on YouTube showing some additional items that will be included in the version of The Show 19. Gamers are already wondering if these potential features would become part of the game.

The video shows that in the upcoming version of the game, you will be allowed to create your own player.

You might even be able to create the storyline that suits best your character including where and when it got his humble beginnings.

Four new categories

The video has also revealed some of the specs which include four categories such as Maverick, Heart and Soul, Captain, and Lightning Rod.

Before the game gets released, you can have some fun trying to guess or predict what else will be added in. The Lightning Rod could be similar to Mookie Betts as it could be the type of player that can single-handedly change the game and spark the team.

Regarding the Heart and Soul, it sounds like a David Ortiz, Derek Jeter type of guy. A person who does not only reminds you about them but of how much they mean to their city too. Corey Kluber, Dustin Pedroia, and Clayton Kershaw could be some names.

The video also shows that the teams will be split into categories of the way the season is predicted to play out. At the same time, this might be part of the franchise mode indicating the final reveal.

Source: VGR.

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