Kingdom Hearts III’s Comes with a Smartphone: How Can Sora Use It?

We have all heard of Kingdom Hearts – that game in which there’s good vs. evil, and we get to see the power of friendship in a complicated storyline. Its main hero is called Sora, who’s a teenager who goes from world to world together with Disney Characters while talking about the darkness and the light in our lives. Nothing unusual here.

However, in Kingdom Hearts III, the team behind the game decided to add a smartphone.

All about the new Gummiphone

It’s been more than ten years since Kingdom Hearts II was released, and ever since then, the features of the game have grown a lot. Sora gets a “Gummiphone”, which was created by Chip and Dale. He needs that in order to keep in touch with his friends. You can also take selfies with it.

It even has FaceTime

This phone looks like a Blackberry. Its screen is huge, and its case is a kind of a crown, that’s honestly impractical. Sora uses it to FaceTime all of his friends, to complete missions (that include photos) or to play games. If you point it to one of your friends, they will pose for a picture. Donald Duck is actually very excited about this, saying “You want to take a photo of me?” with that cute voice of his.

It has some kind of Instagram

Of course, the phone also has access to a social platform – we’re talking about some kind of Instagram, that appears with a heart-shaped hashtag. The posts mostly talk about what happens in the game – and hashtags are everywhere. Others are all about friendship and selfies – something you see any way in real-life on your feed.

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