Final Fantasy 14 Is Now Free For Twitch Prime Members

Between yesterday, February 4th, and May 3rd, the favorite massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy 14 is free for all Twitch Prime members. In case you want to try this game, now, this is the best opportunity to do it.

But we’re talking about the base game of Final Fantasy 14, meaning that you’ll be able to play until Level 50, while the Twitch Prime offer is only a time-limited one. That means you can play the game for free just within 30 days after you signed up for this special offer.

The Final Fantasy 14 trial offered by Twitch Prime to its members is different from the previous offers because it permits us to play until Level 50. Other similar offers only allowed gamers to play the game until Level 35. Nonetheless, the best part of Final Fantasy 14 is that every character in the game can be every job so that there’s no need to create alternate characters.

Final Fantasy 14 Is Now Free For Twitch Prime Members

Most likely, the Twitch Prime offer for its members is a special promotion that wants to attract more players into the universe of Final Fantasy 14, before the release of the forthcoming expansion, the so-called Shadowbringers, which would roll out for Mac, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC on July 2nd.

The Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition is available for $19.99 regularly. Also, the Final Fantasy 14 base game is a subscription-based game. That means you have to pay $12.99 per month to keep on playing this popular MMORPG once the Twitch Prime trial of 30 days ends.

Besides, you must pay $14.99 per month if you plan on creating more than one character in the game. But, don’t worry, if you’re not sure what to do once the trial ends, you can always subscribe to the game, no matter when, since your character/-s won’t be deleted.

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