Anthem Confirmed to Allow Transfer Save Files to PS5 and Next Xbox

Although Anthem is not even out on PS4 and Xbox One, fans are already asking themselves what is Bioware planning for the next-gen consoles. Considering Anthem is a live service game and that the devs promised to offer ten years of support, fans wonder if that also means the game will be able to transfer its save files to the next consoles.

Chad Robertson, the Head of Live Service at BioWare announced on Twitter that they are ready to answer some questions from the fans, and one question rose everyone interest:

Will Bioware let transfer save files when players upgrade to next-gen consoles?

Robertson’s answer was more than enough for everyone to begin speculation on the backward compatibility for both consoles, asking whether the save transfers will also be cross-platform – from PlayStation to Xbox. However, Robertson only wrote “Always…” in response to the first question:

Was he talking about the PS5 or the next Xbox console? Considering the game launches on both, we should expect the same feature on the two. It’s more likely that most of the games that launch in the late cycle of the eighth generation of consoles to be ported for the next-gen of consoles and considering Anthem is releasing during this period, it should support the transition.

However, it will all depend on how successful Anthem is when it launches on 22 February for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The demo was already played by a majority of fans and met with mixed feelings. They loved the fast-paced action but were critical of some similarities between Anthem and Destiny. If Anthem will be successful and hold onto a big player base, the next-gen version of the game will be possible. If the PS5 and the next-gen Xbox indeed come with backward compatibility, then Anthem will not need to be ported, adds Game Rant’s Dalton Cooper, noting that the 2019 version should work for the future consoles.

As for the next-gen consoles, we will have to wait a little longer until official news is revealed by Microsoft and Sony.

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