‘The Division 2’ Private Beta Live: What Should You Expect from the Gameplay

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 allowed fans that preordered the game to start playing the game during the private beta. Today, players should get to see more content, but even the first hours of the game were filled with things we will discuss today.

Let’s begin by saying that the server is now in maintenance and will be so until around 11:30 am, so you have enough time to read this article and some more.

The Division 2 Private Beta: Story, Gameplay, Multiplayer Mode

The game combat is different from the previous title and environment at the beginning of the game makes it difficult for players to fight enemies in shadowy places. The game also includes a nifty feature introducing parkour that makes you cross over low obstacles while running and helping you advance or retreat in a fight a lot easier.

Choosing a weapon is essential, and Charlie Hall from Polygon recommends we should get a semi-automatic shotgun for enemies that are close and scout rifles for when you’re taking cover and aiming at stationary targets.

Then, there’s more tech to play with compared to the previous game. You now have two turrets and press a button to assign them on an enemy, helping you in single-player mode to stand against a bigger number of enemies. You even have a healing drone that will repair your armor or your turret, and the funny thing is that enemies also have access to some of the tech players have.

Multiplayer works, and it’s easy to join and form parties. While solo, you can send out calls for help and finish difficult encounters.

As for the storyline, the first hours of the game didn’t reveal much of the incoming Civil War or politics, but we know that behind the Division 2 story, are a president and a commander who activated the SHD. Charlie Hall concludes that he hopes we get to learn their motivations and understand where the story is going.

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