Minecraft Pocket Edition: What Other Alternative Games You Can Play on Your Windows PC

We all know that Minecraft is one of the most successful games out there. That is why the developers have chosen to release a mobile phone version as well. And that proved to be just as successful. This game is what makes you exercise your creativity, and you will be able to develop your imagination.

However, sometimes we just feel like getting a new thing to play. We are here to give you a list of alternatives for Minecraft

Cube World

Its style will definitely remind you of Minecraft. But the gameplay is quite different. We deal with a role-playing game where you get to play a character that you create in the beginning.


This one is quite similar to Minecraft. Its visuals are very similar to Pocket Edition. But the differences are definitely there. In this game, you will game unlimited blocks, so you are able to build whatever you like, and there are no limits whatsoever.


This one is very different, but Minecraft was the inspiration behind it. Terraria is a 2D platform game. It leaves you the freedom to do whatever you want, from searching the ground for different resources to discovering biomes.

LEGO Worlds

This is like the Lego version of Minecraft. It has many things from the Minecraft universe, but with Lego. Every game in LEGO Worlds starts with a different environment that was given to you randomly. You have to explore that world to find all the Lego pieces you need to build various items.


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