Brawl Stars Gene: How to Make the Most out of the Support

The team behind the Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, Supercell, is still working on updates that are meant to fix the bugs in their games. We always see new content in Clash Royale, and we’re waiting for Valentine’s Day update. We got the Lunar Year for Clash of Clans, and now we’re waiting for Gene, on Brawl Stars.

What’s Gene, the Mythical Brawler?

Last week we got this update that came with different gameplay changes, and with bugs fixed.

Recently, people from the team announced everything we should expect to see until mid-February. Besides the changes brought to Maps, we are also going to see some new content: we got 3, and we will get three more this week (perhaps Valentine’s Day Poco?). This is where Gene should make its appearance, too.

When can you play the new support?

According to the new update, this new brawler will be coming soon, and it will be used as a support. Gene is an adaptable supporter who can go at engaging enemies at any range. The Super can release a magical hand from his lamp, placing an enemy to his location.

Gene will come together with a basic attack, that’s ranged: it releases a ball of magic smoke, and it spreads in a cone when it does not hit an enemy. He is very good crowd control, and it’s really a game changer, when they pluck an enemy from afar and drag it to him, and the rest of the team can do the rest – you only have to make sure you don’t pull the wrong enemy.

Gene is also perfect for Gem Grab mode in order to grab the player that has the most of the gems from the entire players.

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