Clash Royale Team Teases Big Update: “It’s gonna be cool”

Have you seen the Lunar New Year and got your hands on a few emotes to celebrate the event? The challenges were fun and rewards even better, but what’s next? While everyone is waiting for a new card which is supposed to show up this month, a few days ago the Clash Royale Team posted on the Reddit thread a short announcement. Check it out below, and read all the comments and answers here:

Hey Reddit!

Short one today.

This week we’ve solidified the content for our next update. It’s gonna be cool

This update is scheduled to drop in April (if all goes to plan).

We’ve really enjoyed the great feedback for Hog Race and Lunar New Year and we’re glad you’re enjoying them!

More info to come next week!

The Clash Royale Team

It is already “next week,” and we cannot wait to see what else the Clash Royale team has to announce. Meanwhile, we must talk about that new card that is rumored to be revealed this week on Valentine’s Day, according to the Clash Royale’s Drew.

Valentine’s Day New Card: the Wall Breaker from Clash of Clans

One user asked if the new card will be released in the April update, but another user said that:

Drew confirmed on another post that it was coming in a challenge on Valentine’s day (although wether this is the official release or the ‘opportunity to unlock early’ I can’t say).

However, trying to glean more information and get insight from Drew, he only posted a link of the January Update & February Content video by TV Royale which was uploaded on 27 January. Check it out here, where it says that the new card will be available on Valentine’s Day: “this Valentine’s Day get close to someone. And BLOW THEM UP with the Wall Breaker!”

The Wall Breaker is actually made from two wall breakers with two barrels of gun powder that will go straight for a tower and blow it up, causing a ton of damage. It’s intense, and it’s something we should see in a few days!

We also loved this fun exchange between Drew and Reddit user Goblin-Guru:

Goblin-Guru: Hey, just wondering when the hole in the roof of the Barbarian Hut will be fixed? Thank you.

Supercell_Drew: we’re actually adding three more holes in the next update. just for you


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