Fortnite To Receive This New “Infantry Rifle” Soon

According to a recent announcement, the most popular Battle Royale title of the moment, Fortnite, would receive another new weapon. More specifically, the new Infantry Rifle to come to Fortnite soon.

The announcement regarding this Infantry Rifle came out via the in-game Message of the Day screen. The message also reads the following: “Infantry Rifle – Classic design meets new combat style.” Thanks to the image depicting this new weapon that would soon come to Fortnite, we can see that this Infantry Rifle resembles the Hunting Rifle because of its classic wooden outer texture that characterizes old-school weapons.

The image in the announcement also revealed the Infantry Rifle atop a blue background suggesting that one of this weapon would also be a Rare item in Fortnite. However, currently, we don’t know how many Infantry Rifle variants Epic Games would add to the most popular Battle Royale title.

Fortnite To Receive This New “Infantry Rifle” Soon

While it has been officially announced via the in-game Message of the Day, the new Infantry Rifle would come to Fortnite Battle Royale along with the upcoming Fortnite 7.40 update which will roll out tomorrow, February 12th.

“It’s rather unclear how the Infantry Rifle will work in-game, or even what category of weapon it will be designated as. While it may appear that the weapon will be an Assault Rifle, all existing or vaulted ARs have always had the full ‘Assault Rifle’ term in the name,” Dexerto’s Albert Petrosyan reported. “While it does share a similar design with the Hunting Rifle, it’s unlikely to be a Sniper Rifle, especially since the two weapons would essentially be identical in their function,” he added, trying to figure out which class the Infantry Rifle would be.

According to the design of this Infantry Rifle, it might be a variant of the M1 Garand which was a powerful WWII weapon, frequently featured in many games, especially in the WWII-related Call of Duty titles.

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