Kingdom Hearts III: Someone Did Not Have Their Licenses Installed on Their Computer. How the Arnold Watermark Appeared in the Game

There is a certain watermark left in the game Kingdom Hearts III. It happened accidentally, probably while rendering the cut-scenes.

Apparently, above Elsa’s arms, there is an “Arnold” watermark hanging around. This is what will usually appear in the animation software Maya if you do not have the Arnold rendering license when you try to batch render a certain scene in a game. It is true, you have to be very careful to see it, because it appears only in a single frame. Most people do not get it, but if you look carefully, is not that hard to see it.

Games are usually rendered in real-time, however for Frozen…

As you might already know, video games are usually rendered in real-time, and, at the same time, it generates graphical effects when you move throughout the world. However, cut-scenes like the ones from the Frozen world are usually pre-rendered.

What actually happened?

To make things clear, whoever edited those scenes during the Let it Go scenes, did not have the Arnold license installed on their computer. That could be an honest mistake. Or, we can just assume that Kingdom Hearts III took so long to be developed and ready, that their license simply expired in the meantime.

Kingdom Hearts III is one of the most popular games out there, that has some role-playing action, and it was developed by Square Enix. It works for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This one is the 12th installment from the Kingdom Hearts series, and it is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts II. It is also the final chapter from the Dark Seeker saga.


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