Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.9 App Launched With New Features and Improvements

Final Fantasy XIV Companion app is ideal for all the Final Fantasy XIV gamers who want to keep in touch with other players, manage their in-game items, or access the market board, among other functions. Just recently, Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.9 launched with new features and several improvements.

To use the Final Fantasy XIV Companion app, you must have an active account and subscription to Final Fantasy XIV. In case to cancel your account or subscription, you can still use some of the app’s features for 30 days.

But, as regards the app itself, it packs some convenient features, like the Chat function, which allows gamers to talk with other Final Fantasy XIV players, and the Item Management section, which permits users to sort, move, sell, or discard their in-game items. Besides, the Final Fantasy XIV Companion app is also coming with the so-called Market Board where players can buy or sell items using the in-app currencies – Kupo Nuts or Mog Coins.

Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.9 App Launched With New Features and Improvements

According to the official Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.9 release notes, “the  following features have been added to the app:”

  • Manually update added in Application Setting.
  • Notification badges are added for Chat and Schedule on Home Screen.

Besides, Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.9 app addressed some of the bugs reported by the users of the previous version. Now, the issue causing the app to crash when a chat room was created has been solved, as well as other minor bugs that annoyed the gamers using the application.

Nonetheless, the Final Fantasy XIV Companion 1.0.9 come with several improvements for stability and performance. The app is already available on the Google Play Store, so you can download as soon as you want to take advantage of an improved version of the Final Fantasy XIV Companion.

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