Apex Legends Boosted The Sales Of a VR Game, Apex Construct, Due To Confusion

Apex Legends is the newest hit in the world of Battle Royale games. The title, developed by Respawn Entertainment, the creators of Titanfall, and published by Electronic Arts, already totaled about 30 million players worldwide. Apex Legends’ success has proven useful for another game, Apex Construct, a VR game.

More specifically, due to the confusion generated by similar names, many Chinese players willing to join Battle Royale universe with Apex Legends went to Steam and bought and downloaded Apex Construct, a VR game which has sold more in the last week since Apex Legends came out than in 2018.

According to PC Gamer, which was the first to report this information, cited the Apex Construct devs who said that, since Apex Legends came out, the Apex Construct web page has been visited by about 4,000% visitors more than before. All that because people are confusing the two games which, besides having similar names, they also boast “look-alike” logos.

Apex Construct, Confused By Gamers With Apex Legends, Sold More Copies In The Past Week Than in 2018

Andreas Juliusson from the Fast Travel Games, the games studio behind Apex Construct, reported that the company expects the majority of the copies to return once the players find out they did not buy Apex Legends.

While the confusion is obvious, it’s also evident that Apex Construct has nothing to do with Apex Legends. I mean it’s easy to figure out that Apex Construct is not Apex Legends by merely reading the Steam page of the game. However, some gamers, in their desire to play Apex Legends, the newest successful Battle Royale game, rush it to Steam, searched for the game, and bought the wrong Apex.

But, let’s eliminate the confusion! Apex Legends is free to play and is only available on PC via Origin, on PS4 via PlayStation Store, and Xbox One via Microsoft Store. On the other hand, Apex Construct, the VR game, is available on Steam for $29.99.

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