PlayStation 5 Vs. Xbox Scarlett (Two) – Microsoft Might Finally Win Against Sony

While Xbox One has been the looser against PlayStation 4 since the two were announced, Xbox Scarlett (Xbox Two) might change the tides for Microsoft which might finally win against Sony’s PlayStation 5 in the battle between the world’s most performant video consoles. With lots of Xbox Two exclusives, backward compatibility, cross-platform play, and higher specs, Microsoft is on the right track for beating the hell out of Sony.

Xbox Scarlett to come with many exclusives

Besides Forza Horizon, Xbox One did not boast many other exclusive titles to make PlayStation 4 users nervous about not having a Microsoft console. And that’s the first reason why Xbox One positioned itself way below Sony’s PS4.

In 2020, when Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 would come out, reportedly, Xbox might come with many exclusives since Microsoft worked on that in 2018 when it bought Ninja Theory, inXile and Obsidian (both specialized in RPGs), Playground Games, Undead Labs, and Compulsion game studios.

PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility might not compare to that of Xbox Two

While many reports indicate that PlayStation 5 would come out with backward compatibility, Xbox Two (Scarlett) would have this function already updated to the players’ needs since Xbox One is already offering it.

Xbox Scarlett would continue to offer cross-platform play

Another advantage Xbox One has over PS4 is the adoption of cross-platform play, a feature loved by players. Even though Sony adopted it for some titles, the function on PS4 pales in comparison with what Xbox One offers.

It seems that Xbox Scarlett would continue on the same track, while PlayStation 5 might only offer cross-platform play for specific games only.

Xbox Scarlett might boast higher specs than PlayStation 5

Currently, Xbox One X outperforms PlayStation 4 Pro by far, which made many gamers wonder which one should they bought once Xbox Scarlett (Two) and PlayStation 5 come out. According to rumors, both Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 would boast similar, if not the same, AMD architecture and would be capable of running games in 4K at 60 FPS.

However, it seems that Xbox Two would come out with more RAM, according to some rumors, plus a standalone CPU, codenamed Arcturius 12, which would represent a significant advantage over PlayStation 5.

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