Battle Royale Duel: PUBG Season 5 vs. Fortnite Season 7

The battle royale genre is filled with several contenders but PUBG and Fortnite have remained the favorite titles for millions of people from all over the world. This article will compare the improvements received by the games and their overall impact on the player base.

PUBG Season 5 highlights

PUBG Royal Pass, new rewards have been added and the ranks were cleared for the new seasons.

The latest patch added new weapons, including the MK47 Mutant

Players are now able to boost their accuracy by using laser sights.

Vikendi, the new winter map, is now a part of the main game.

Quality-of-life improvements which include altered menus, new avatars and other minor changes.

Fortnite Season 7 highlights

This season changed Fortnite quite a bit by introducing a selection of icy zones: Iceberg, Happy Helmet, Parallel Peaks and others.

Players are now able to hunt enemies from above with the help of the X-4 Storming Plane. The vehicle offers enough space for 1 pilot and 4 passengers.  A mean machine gun will allow the passengers to mow down unsuspecting foes.

A brand new game mode named Creative. Up to sixteen players are able to customize the Fortnite Island according to their wish. The creation is saved and it can be modified at any time. The most popular maps will be featured on The Block.

A number of items were vaulted (taken out of the game): Port-a-Fort, Chiller, Double Barreled shotgun, Shockwave Grenade and the Infinity Blade are now unavailable.

A rich selection of winter-themed skins is now available.

Both developers are trying to make the game more attractive for current and potential players. PUBG didn’t add major changes but the community is pleased by the game. Fortnite continues to reinvent itself with each season, releasing new content that refreshes the gameplay experience.

In this context it is hard to declare a winner since the two games use different survival mechanics.

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