Kingdom Hearts 3 Has A “Critical” Difficulty Mode, But It’s Not Activated In The Game

According to a Twitter user that goes by the name of KeyToTruth, Kingdom Hearts 3 has a Critical difficulty mode, only that it’s not activated in the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3, the most sought-after game of 2019, released last month and pleased the fans of this franchise owned and developed by Square Enix, the renowned games studio behind other successful series such as Final Fantasy.

Even though there are a lot of Kingdom Hearts games out there, there are only three main installments, the latest one being Kingdom Hearts 3. The game received positive feedback from both critics and gamers, while some critics blamed the poor optimization of the game for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, saying that Square Enix could’ve done a better job, technically speaking.

In other news, Kingdom Hearts 3 for Nintendo Switch is unfeasible, meaning that Switch users won’t have the chance to play this game on their Nintendo consoles.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Has A “Critical” Difficulty Mode, But It’s Not Activated In The Game

This Critical is, reportedly, a super-hard difficulty mode. In comparison with Proud mode, Critical offers a lower health bar to players, plus that it doubles the damage. KeyToTruth discovered the so-called Critical difficulty mode by using PS4 Save Wizard to access the data. He said that he didn’t datamined Kingdom Hearts 3, so he cannot entirely confirm the existence of the mode.

“We are NOT datamining the game. We CAN’T datamine the game. That is just save editing. We are using the PS4 Save Wizard to edit uncompressed save data,” he said.

“So, Kingdom Hearts 3 DOES have a Critical mode internally. Proud and Critical comparison here,” said KeyToTruth on Twitter where he also shared the following image.

“I can’t fully confirm it, but the mode makes it seem like you deal double damage, but you get double the damage from Proud,” KeyToTruth added later.

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