League of Legends Players Frustrated: Spellthief’s Edge Problem in This Game

Earlier this week, League of Legends players, together with some Reddit users, have discovered how to exploit Spellthief’s Edge in the new hotfix from Riot.

People from the Riot Games have announced that they’d do a hotfix in order to solve something that many people, including streamers and players, have agreed upon – the strategy is just too unhealthy for the current meta.

The strategy, which was dubbed “Frostmancy” had to do with getting Spellthief’s Edge as your solo lane, which, most of the time, is the top lane. Here, players were making the most out of the gold generation in order to constantly bother the enemy line, instead of farming. There was no farming happening at all. And then, this would be coupled with the Kleptomancy keystone, and this thing allowed players to throw spells and basic attacks at their enemy, as they were anyway struggling in their lane.

This strategy was even present in the professional play. Now they’ve solved the problem.

They solved it, but there’s another problem happening right now

On the 12th of February, the team changed Spellthief’s Edge deal – now it doesn’t have to have an ally champion in the 2000 units in order to get gold. This item is meant to be a support, and this thing guarantees it stays in a duo lane. However, this changed things only a bit – the power of Spellthief’s Edge went to another lane – bot. Now we’re talking about two other strategies.

The first one involved two mages, like Karma and Zyra, that go bot with Spellthief’s Edge and they ignore farming. Instead, they go to attack the enemy laners. The second one involves an AD carrier, like Lucian or Miss Fortune, that go attack the other lines, ignoring farming. However, their support takes the Relic Shield and takes care of all of the farming.

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