Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Comes With New Improvements, Including Revamped Friendly Fire System

Rainbow Six Siege’s new Year 4 would boast several novelties, including an entire modification of how friendly fire system works, along with new improvements.

“Friendly fire will now do reverse damage to players. That will only activate after a player has killed a teammate once during a match. Team killing has been a problem in Siege for years. These changes will hopefully make the team kills happen less often,” Kotaku reported.

Besides, new revamped maps would come out, such as Kafe Dostoyevsky, Kanal, and Theme Park, “usually involve moving obstacles, changing building layouts and altering different visual elements of a map,” as Kotaku reported.

In addition to that, Ubisoft launched a roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege Year 4’s next operators and events. As of yesterday, players on the R6 Siege test servers would have the opportunity to check the two new Australian operators that will come to the game. Operators from Denmark, Peru, Mexico, Kenya, and India would also reach the game in the upcoming seasons. Besides one US Secret Service operator would reach Rainbow Six Siege later in Year 4.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Comes With New Improvements Such As Revamped Friendly Fire System

“Ubisoft has clearly put so much thought into all of this Year 4 content and changes,” said Reddit user RichardArrowSmith. “Another user commented in the same thread that they feel more excited now than ever before about Rainbow Six Siege. Many fans also seemed happy that Ubisoft seemed committed to rebalancing maps and operators on such a large scale,” Kotaku added.

Many fans have expected other novelties from Rainbow Six Siege Year 4, but Ubisoft did not respond to the fans’ wishes, so it would be exciting how the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 would roll out.

“There are no words to express my gratitude to this community. Simply put, these past three years have been the best years of my career, and it’s all because of this insanely passionate and dedicated community. You pushed me every day to be better and to fight for you guys harder. When a game is launched, there is a hope among devs that players will embrace the concept, the universe, the mechanics, and then help us improve it. The Siege community is the best example of a community doing this 100%,” Rainbow Six Siege team said.

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