Apex Legends To Get New Game Modes, According To Recent Data Mine

Apex Legends is the newest, successful Battle Royale game, coming directly from the creators of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment. It is already a popular title, totaling around 30 million players from all over the world, but Respawn and EA, the game’s publisher, have plans to make Apex Legends even more successful than it is now. Now, according to recent data mine, Apex Legends would get new game modes.

Data miners explored the game’s files and found out that two new modes would possibly get activated in the game soon, namely, “Survival” and “Recruit.” Besides, there are indications that Apex Legends would also receive a kill camera feature and two new characters.

While the recent data mine revealed not much about what that “Survival” mode represents, regarding the potentially upcoming “Recruit” game mode in Apex Legends, the data miners showed that this one might be like the “Save The World” mode in Fortnite.

Apex Legends To Get New Game Modes

“LEAK: For the Apex Legends ‘Survival’ mode, we might be seeing a Host NPC (non-playable character). There were eight options to choose from. They’re not the normal Legends, I’ve cross-checked. I’m not exactly sure what the hosts do, but I think it’s gonna be cool,” Apex Legends News & Leaks reported on Twitter.

In short, according to recent data mine, Apex Legends would get new game modes – “Survival” and “Recruit.” “Survival” mode would feature a Host NPC, while “Recruit” represents a spinoff of the Battle Royale genre.

According to data miners, “Recruit” game mode in Apex Legends would involve downed players you revive joining your team, whether they are enemies at first or not. If true, that would represent a significant gameplay change for Apex Legends and a major spinoff of the Battle Royale genre. Nonetheless, Apex Legends has much to offer to its players, so I guess it would turn out to be the fiercest competitor for Fortnite, so far.


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