GTA 6: Will It Be Released in 2022?

Pieces of news about GTA 6 still are nowhere to be found, since Rockstar wouldn’t say anything about the 6th game of the series. This means that fans can only rely on gossips and speculations in order to try to predict what the next big game of the studio will come with.

Many people ask about the location of the game. Many cities are rumored out there, including London. As of late, GTA 6 might come with an American setting, or an English setting, or something-setting, because people don’t know what to believe anymore. However, the sky is the limit. When people first heard of this outside-of-America idea, the first place they went to was London.

Some other rumors have said that the new GTA 6 game will be returning to Vice City, which is the game’s version of Miami.

A close source of the Rockstar studio said that GTA 6 is developing and it has the codename “Project Americas”. This is supposed to mean that players will be left to travel between the US and the south to probably conduct drug-related missions.

We all know that Miami is considered to be one of the top cities that is full by drugs, so, if we are to keep in mind the narrative of the game, the Miami rumor might stand still. Let’s be honest; Vice City is one of the most popular places ever played in the game since the series has been released.

However, since Rockstar hasn’t said anything about GTA 6, we only think of these as rumors.

When will the game be released?

It will probably happen somewhere between 2020 and 2022. The studio prefers to remain silent due to what is happening in America – they’re calling it the “Age of Trump”.

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