League Of Legends Changes “Riot Points” Costs And Refund Policies As Of March 2019

Riot Games, the developers of the favorite game League Of Legends, is going to change “Riot Points” costs and the related refund policies in March this year. “Riot Points” are the in-game currency the League Of Legends players uses to buy premium items. While policies surrounding “Riot Points” in League Of Legends and those regarding refunds are different, they are somewhat related, so the update coming out in March would affect both of them.

As Riot Games reported, the price for “Riot Points” is going to increase in many regions of the world, including the United States, Europe, South Korea, and Brazil. How much the currency’s price would boost would depend on the area. For example, in the US, players of League Of Legends would witness a 10 percent increase, while those gamers from Europe will face a 15 percent raise.

League Of Legends Changes “Riot Points” Costs And Refund Policies As Of March 2019

“Starting on March 5th, RP prices will be increasing in many regions. Each year we review global pricing and make adjustments to account for changes in currency inflation, taxation, and regional fairness. This year, we’ve seen more changes than usual, from the introduction of new taxes in several countries to the continued weakness of global currencies relative to the US dollar, and inflation,” Riot Games representatives stated.

This news is not at all favorable for League Of Legends players, undoubtedly, but Riot Games plans to compensate for the “Riot Points” costs increase and updated refund policies. The studio would give away some “Riot Points” as a bonus on every purchase League Of Legends gamers make until March 5th, 2019, when the updates are coming. As for the refund policies, Riot Games announced that, as of March, LOL players couldn’t have more than three refund tokens at any time, but they’ll get an extra token every year.

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