Sims 4 StrangerVille is Getting… ŞŦŘΔŇG€Ř – Oh, No! Ħ€ŁP!

It started with a wide smile, and then everyone around us in StrangerVille walks weirdly and… Ħ€ŁP!

Okay, you are probably wondering what this nonsense is.

The Sims 4 Twitter account will probably confuse you even more with their trailer, and the series of cryptic tweets from the community managers (Sims Gurus) will talk in tongues because they have been infected with a weird alien… thing.

Here are some of the tweets:

Nobody knew what it meant, and well… nobody does now, but we think it’s something alien that came in StrangerVille’s crater, where the infected Sims appear to tell us to come to join them. Right, we have watched too many horror movies to know not to do that. But oh, the curiosity!

StrangerVille Brings a Strange Story for Your Sim To Experience

The latest trailer released by the Sims 4 team shows the content expansion that will come next week – StrangerVille. It is a game pack that will add a storyline to the game and several items, and just by looking at these images we snapped from the trailer it all looks extraterrestrial and weird.

The guy with the colander as a hat will surely be the main Sim that will help you uncover the mystery. We will see new items like outfits which will include bomber jackets, prairie dresses and finally lab coats to make you look like a mad scientist! We will get new locations and many other things that must complete this strange story.

Players will be able to download StrangerVille starting with February 26 for Mac and PC.

Until then, we will probably see more tweets with this new ‘language.’

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