The Elder Scrolls 6 Subtitle Might Be ‘Redfall,’ But There’s a Catch

Whoever is waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI knows how long it will be until we actually get to play the highly anticipated game. Bethesda has been working in the past years and more recently on Fallout 76, and now we’re waiting for Starfield.

As soon as the last game gets released, we all hope to hear more about The Elder Scrolls VI. But while Starfield is still in production and – as Director Todd Howard says, “Starfield is playable, Elder Scrolls VI not in that way yet,” we can only assume that we’ll have to wait some more years until we play the Elder Scrolls VI.

The Elder Scrolls VI Might Get the Subtitle – Redfall

ZeniMax Media, Bethesda parent company has recently filed an application for the term ‘Redfall’ for trademark, but sci-fi author Jay Falconer is disputing it because the name was used first by him in his book series. Here is his response in this matter, delivered to Games Radar in a Tweet:

A trademark battle, according to Games Radar’s Zoe Delahunty-Light, might take at least a year, considering the trial schedule and deadlines:

With this opposition going on, there’s little chance we’ll hear anything official about the full title either.

She argues that we might at least get a new trailer only showing Elder Scrolls 6 as the title like last year which leaves us again wondering about the plot, characters, the locations and so on.

You might think a disputing a single word is too much fuss, but bear with us. Think of the confusion between the Redfall book series from the author Jay Falconer and now look at the Elder Scrolls comics, lore books and anything Zenimax would want to publish once they use the word in the Elder Scrolls 6 game.

Will Zenimax give up on the term Redfall and choose another one? Will this term be used in the next Elder Scrolls and not in the other current games (The Elder Scrolls: Legends, The Elders Scrolls Online and the incoming The Elder Scrolls: Blades)? We hope to soon find out.

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